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Restore the Earth Foundation and US Business Council for Sustainable Development (US BCSD) joined together in 2016 to form a Strategic Alliance. The stated goal is to engage the US BCSD’s Water Synergy Project members in taking action and scale impact with projects on the ground. The US BCSD + Restore the Earth Strategic Alliance’s North America’s Amazon Collaborative Fund applies a business-led project model to achieve landscape-scale restoration that can be scaled and replicated in water-stressed watersheds and regions.



US BCSD + Restore the Earth is jointly implementing a coastal restoration project at Pointe-aux-Chenes, demonstrating how the private sector can invest in coastal restoration while accounting for the environmental, social and economic value created by their investment.


The initial goal for this business-led private/public Collaborative Fund is to restore 4,000 acres of historic cypress forest.


Funding for Phase I of the project, restoring the first 1,000 acres, has been secured and restoration for Phase I was completed in February 2017.

Phase II funding for the second 1,000 acres is underway.

Fund Statistics


  • In 6 Months: Raised $1 million dollars from corporate partners, and matched with public funding and broke ground
  • In 9 Months: Project complete
  • 2 corporate volunteer days mobilizing over 80 employee volunteers

Project Statistics


  • EKOgrown® native bald cypress trees were grown from seed
  • 100,000 trees were planted
  • 1,000 acres reforested
  • Trees commercially planted
  • 95% survivability
  • Trees between 8-9 feet tall (were ~ 4-5 feet at time of planting)



Phase I trees are 6-8 feet tall on average, showing 2-3 foot growth since planting between Fall ’16 – Spring ’17

Pilot planting from Spring 2016 show trees at 10-12 feet tall, providing a preview for anticipated growth of current and future plantings



  • Creates carbon offsets assigned in perpetuity

  • Generates Phosphorous and Nitrogen water quality nutrient offsets assigned in perpetuity

  • Supports urban resiliency-related services, providing a green infrastructure solutions to build resilience

  • Generates business development value

  • Partnership on impactful projects 

  • Provides Employee Engagement 

  • Supports environmental awareness and education programs

  • Supports Sustainable Development Goals


Using Restore the Earth’s EcoMetrics, the projections for the environmental, social and economic value created by the restoration have been calculated.

• For every $1 invested, community and funding stakeholders see a total value creation of $15.76.


• The community stakeholders are the largest recipients of the value creation

This makes the business case for investment in landscape scale-restoration, complimented by the co-benefits which offer the greatest value to communities, the environment and the economy. This creates value for corporate funders, stakeholders and society at large. 

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