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Restoration projects take time to reach maturity and we have implemented a way to aid in nature’s restoration process and allow investors to track impact in real time.


Restore the Earth uses the all-natural non GMO, EKOgrown® tree-growing process to produce its high-performance trees and plants.


This process generates trees that have a higher survival rate, reach maturity more quickly and sequester two- to-four times more carbon annually than trees grown and planted using conventional methodologies (bare root seedlings). Native seeds are collected within the geographic area of the restoration site and local nurseries are contracted to grow the trees, creating jobs and keeping funding in the community.
“EKOGrown® Trees ready to be deployed at Pointe-aux-Chenes aboard the Marsh Master”
“Transporting trees for remote plantings in coastal Louisiana”



We have built a map of our restoration projects to allow investors to check the progress and ROI of their projects in real time –land restored, carbon capture, economic impact, etc.


 Everyone wants to see the restoration in real time and understand its impact.

See how your ecosystem restoration investment will create environmental, social, and financial value using our EcoMetrics cloud bases technology.