Our dynamic team at IUCN Congress 2016; Henry Hicksy, Futerra; Susan Fernandes, US Business Council for Sustainable Development; Ed Pinero, The Pinero Group; PJ Marshall, Restore the Earth; Marv Marshall, Restore the Earth; Carol Cone, Carol Cone on Purpose; Taylor Marshall, Restore the Earth

Earlier this month, Restore the Earth Foundation (REF) co-hosted a panel session with US Business Council on Sustainable Development (US BCSD) at the International Union for Conserving Nature’s (IUCN) World Conservation Congress. The IUCN Congress is hosted every four years in various locations and welcomes thousands of participants from across the world including heads of state, policy makers, business leaders, and environmental advocates. Located in Honolulu, Hawaii this year with the theme “Planet at the Crossroads,” the conference focused on harnessing nature solutions to address global environmental challenges.

Restore the Earth was pleased to find a widespread interest in natural capital and landscape restoration at the conference, but noticed there was a void between these proposed projects and a reliable, replicable financial model to accompany the work, among other things. Our panel, “Unlocking the billion-dollar business case for landscape scale restoration”, spoke to these needs. To read more about REF’s experience at IUCN and how our panel addressed these missing links, check out our Storify.