Last month, Restore the Earth Foundation Co-Founders PJ and Marv Marshall were invited to attend the East-West Philanthropy Summit in Hawaii. Organized by the China Global Philanthropy Institute and the East-West Philanthropy Forum (EWPF), this event was an action-oriented summit, convening nearly one hundred philanthropists and leaders from around the world who are taking action to achieve a sustainable future. The theme of the summit was “United Action for a Sustainable Planet” with discussion topics ranging from ocean protection to climate change, sustainable cities and communities to green finance, and impact investment, among others. The organizers of the summit surprised the Marshalls when they honored them with the “Pioneers for the Planet” award for their work and commitment to the environment. This award was given in recognition of their groundbreaking work with the Foundation to restore 1 million acres of degraded forest and wetland ecosystems in the Mississippi River Basin—North America’s Amazon.

Here is an excerpt from an article on the event:

“Marvin and PJ Marshall, co-founders of Restore the Earth Foundation are starting from scratch in giving back to the community through focusing on the four most important things: health, opportunity, philanthropy, and the environment. They said that restoring the earth is a long process and is more challenging than simply setting up nature reserves. The Marshalls also commented about the similarities of the Yangtze River, which is the most revered river to the Chinese people, to the Mississippi River, which is like a mother to many Americans. They believe this proves that “Chinese and American philanthropists think alike.”

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